Senior SurfWelcome to Wainui’s senior surf sports programme. We deliver a nationally recognised development and high performance programme for our athletes, which ultimately produces superior life guards.

Abbie boardOur athletes perform in a variety of disciplines, including surf, beach, pool and canoe events. Our IRB programme is in the development stage with the return of a past multiple national champion and the future in this discipline looks really exciting.

Our coaching programme caters for beginning, intermediate, advanced and international athletes. The success of all our athletes is testament to the quality of coaching available within our club. The programme is structured to help optimise athletes competition goals while respecting the social needs and goals of all our members. We understand that athletes don’t live in isolation and we encourage their family and support networks to contribute and work with us in a holistic way for the betterment of the individual and the whole family. 

The programme has been structured to provide all members with future pathways where they can take on other roles within the club eg, coaching, managing or co-ordinating positions.

Senior coach - Dion Williams 027-221 9419